Student Leadership

What is student leadership?

 Student leadership encompasses the school’s provision of:

  • Formal and informal learning opportunities which develop the competency of individuals as leaders and effective participants.
  • Processes and structures for student representation and the incorporation of students’ views into decision making and the life of the school.

The development of student leadership involves opportunities which encourage students to:

  • Act in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty.
  • Foster a sense of vision and purpose
  • Work with others to determine and achieve collective goals
  • Take on responsibility and use decision making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion
  • Be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively
  • Earn the respect of others through actions

Role of the Student Leadership Team (StLT)

  • Make fair, reasonable, and intelligent decisions about events and activities
  • StLT is required to report certain situations, such as bullying, misconduct, violations, and/or high-risk activity.
  • Say no to a decision or action if it would result in a violation of school rules

Leadership Traits

L – Loyalty

E – Empathy

A – Accountability

D – Duty and determination

E – Energy and Encouragement

R – Respect

S – Selflessness

H – Honorable & Humble

I – Integrity and Innovation

P – Passion for and Pride in work

Qualities of Good Student Leaders:

  • Lead by example.  Be a good citizen
  • Be Trustworthy: Do and say the right thing
  • Be Courageous: Leadership is not a popularity contest
  • Stand up for what you know is right
  • Be Confident: People need to believe in you
  • Be Just: Be inclusive and care for all.  Think it and do it.
  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Co-operate with others