Uniform & Supply List

In keeping with the desire to have students develop a sense of unity and belonging to the school culture and to the heritage and culture of the UAE the school’s dress code has been developed. The code respects the need for the students’ expressions of adherence to their heritage and at the same time promotes a commitment to the school’s identity and sense of community.


  • The principal of the school will ensure that the school’s dress code is reviewed with the parents upon registration and that the school’s uniforms are made available for students at the beginning of each school year.
  • The school’s uniform will be in the colors of the school and with the school’s logo. The uniform will consist of outdoor wear and gym classes and regular wear for general classroom use. A winter jacket will also be provided.
  • The price of the school’s uniform will be competitive and will be set to recover the cost of the uniform and expenses associated with its availability.
  • The quality of the uniform will be reviewed annually with the Mother’s Council and approved by the School Board of Trustees during a parents’ council meeting at which time options for material quality will be made available.
  • The principal will ensure that all students know that they are always expected to wear the uniform on school property during the school’s operational hours and for all school activities.
  • Special non-uniform days will include heritage days, National Day, and other school’s cultural days as declared by the principal in consultation with the school’s staff and the parents.