Pinnacle American School, through Contracted services with an approved school bus operator, will upon request by parents provide transportation to registered students.

Ride Times:

Upon registration, it will be determined if the student falls within a 75-minute transportation zone. If the student’s place of residence exceeds this transportation zone, then prior to the student’s actual school’s registration parents will be required to sign a waiver agreeing to exceed this 75-minute transportation regulation.

Bus Stop Locations:

The school bus’s operator through the transportation coordinator will ensure that all pick up and drop off locations are as per ADEK’s regulations. These will be in front of student residences whenever feasible, but not more than 200 meters from the student’s residence and at a location where traffic does not exceed 40 km/hr. and where the bus may safely stop without causing traffic problems.

Parent’s Responsibilities:

The parent/guardian is responsible to ensure that each day their child is ready for pick up at the appointed time and waiting at their designated pick up location. Buses wait a maximum of three minutes, however, if a student is chronically late, the student will be denied transportation services.

A parent/guardian or designated supervisor known to the student and assigned by the parent as previously communicated to the bus monitor, must receive KG and Cycle 1 students during drop off. Failure to be available at the bus stop within three minutes of the designated time will result in the student being transported back to school where they will wait under adult supervision until their parent arrives at the school to pick them up. If a parent is chronically late, bus transportation services will be denied.